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Welcome to Serfco Heidelberg

Cornell Hamann

Heidelberg Area Agent

Serfco Animal Feeds is a manufacturer of quality natural animal feeds. All products are blended according to strict specifications as set out by our registered nutritionists and are furthermore free from hormones and growth stimulants to ensure that your animals receive the best quality natural feeds. We put a high premium on ensuring that your animals are in a healthy condition and performing at their very best so that you, our customer, can benefit profitably from the products that we manufacture. To ensure prompt delivery, all products are handled and delivered by Cornell Hamann our Heidelberg Area Agent. Contact her today for fast and effective service.

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Baie vriendelike & flinke diens. Hulle weet presies wat my honde eet en wat ek wil koop wanneer ek hulle kontak.

Angelique Jacobs

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